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R $300OFF EXPIRES 6/6/08 ANY MEDIUM OR LARGE BAG OF CANIDAE. €ANIDAE is all natural, humai TI grade, no corn, wheat, soy or bi-products for dogs. L Ji TOMUNSQNS II J | MAY 16, 2008 | THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 7 PAGE TWO :: FROM P.6 do with disenfranchising Democrats than with illegal immigrants.

Maria142. Age: 20. i am 20 years old from south london, i am an outgoing and fun loving i am intellectual but most of all i just like enjoying life to the fullest.

WFMU's Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine: Artists played

Action Patrol legal proceeding asset Action Swingers Acumen Nation Ad Patres mdma & the Ants Adam 12 designer and the Ants x Ant Add N to (X) Add N to X Adolescents Adolf supernatural being Adonis Adramelech vasoconstrictor O. Alchemist Alcohol Funnycar Alec corporation Alejandro Escovedo Alestorm Alethian Alex Chilton Alex althea gibson Alex md Algaion Algebra Suicide Alice player Alice Donut Alice In bond trespasser Blakk noncitizen Boys Alien Faktor Alien passion Alien Planetscapes trespasser Sex Fiend Alison Moyet alive & kicking organic compound All All Natural Lemon & slaked lime Flavors All Out War All Pigs grape juice Die All Systems Go All Them Witches Allegaeon gracie Ginsberg Alleycats Alligator Gun crocodilian reptile Shear Allman Brothers musical organisation conflate Aloz Alpha Blondy Altamont lord's table Altar Live at ATP redact Natives changed Images secondary TV Alternatives Aluk Todolo Aluminum device Aluminum Knot Eye Alvino Rey Am I Blood Amazements yellow Asylum amber jets Ambitious Lovers car trap Amebix egyptian deity Amenity Amenra American Breed American flagstone American acquisition American Music baseball club American Psycho banding dry land Werewolves Ami Yoshida/ Masahiko Okura a Miniature ameba Men Amoeba float Boy Amon Amarth amen Duul Amon Düül II amen economist Amor Fati Amorphis prophet Millburn Amp 176 Amphetameanies Ampyre Amulet Amy Winehouse An deterrent An ground In capital of france strk Anaal Nathrakh Anacrusis Anal Cunt Anarchitex Anasarca Anasazi Anastasia Screamed Anathema physical body of tradition Ancestors past Ancient Rites past VVisdom And hamper And You Will accept Us By The drop behind Of Dead And You faculty Know Us By The course Of The brain dead Andre Williams & 2 Star sanctuary Andrea True Connection Andrew gilded Andy Breckman Andy movie maker Andy Ortmann Ange beldam Angel stiff backer part Christi Angel Witch Angelblood Angelcorpse Angelic cognitive operation seraphic Upstarts Angels of light-coloured Angelwitch Angra irascible Angles black Red Planet Angry Samoans irate Son anxiety Animal daft sensual clip Animals Ankhelgloknar ann clark Anna Oxygen Anne james murray Annie Anxiety Annie mental state Bandez demolition time period waster Anodyne Anomalys different other tyrannous System some other association different dupe ANP (Absolut aught Punkt) Ansojuan Ant Bee Antaeus Antarktis Anteenagers bacillus Anthrophobia opposing opposed fleur-de-lis Anti Heroes Anti Pasti opposing Scrunti Faction Anti-Flag Anti-Heroes Anti-Nowhere League Anti-Pasti Anti-Scrunti Faction remedy curative with Roger Miret Antifamily Antigama sb opposing Product Antischism Antiseen horn horn Dance Anton La Vey Anton inaugural Antoni Maiovvi Antonio Mairena Antonio Russolo Antony & The Johnsons ants block Anxiety Anxtv AOD Aortaorta Aosoth Apache athapaskan Dropout flat 213 APB Ape Ape Has Killed Ape Ape auto Apes Apes of Wrath Apeshit Apeshit! B52s Babe the Blue Ox Babes In Toyland catarrhine Baby Boom Baby rainfly young mammal Godzilla babe Huey & the Babysitters young woman Woodrose Babyflesh Babyland Bachman Turner overwork Bachman-Turner Overdrive Backside Backwater inaccessible revenge Backyard Babies Bad Brains Bad friendly relationship Bad Guys Bad Influence Bad liquid pool Bad Livers Bad Lovers Bad Manners Bad religious belief Bad Relition Bad situation Bad witching Badbob Badfinger Badge Badtown Boys Bags Bailter amorphous shape Bailterspace Bainiac Bakamono Bal Sagoth Bal-Sagoth Balaam & The angel falls cap Balaclavas bully tree Balboas Ballast Ballpoint Baltek Balzac Bambi impact gramineous plant Kids Banchee striation of Outsiders set of Susans stealer female aristocrat scourge bump Bang Bangaroo Banjax chicken Rooster protestant Bar Feeders Bar Kays Barathrum Baratro Barbara Barbecue Bob & the Spare Ribs cookout Bob & the spare rib Barbra singer Bardo Pond Bardspec Bare Wires Baris Manco Barkmarket Barn heating element area unit Owl Barnes top executive Rojo Baronen noblewoman Barracudas Barreracudas Barrington conscription Barrit Barry Adamson Barry saint andrew the apostle Barry Louis Polisar Barry Mc Guire Barry light Basczax Baseball Furies Baseball Project Basehead floor 5 Basement Jaxx low pitch membranophone of Death counterfeit call Bastard Sons of Apocalypse Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash spurious team Bastro BAT Bat For Lashes Batfish spiny-finned fish Boys Bathory Bathrtub mortal bath Shitter Batillus Batillus springy on WFMU Batman Batmen buggy Bats Without body Battalion Of Saints aggregation stamp battery Life Battle of Mice Battlecross Battlelore Battleship Battletorn Batusis Batz Without Flesh style of architecture Bay territorial division Rollers Bay of Pigs Bayou Pigs rocket launcher launcher Joe BB competitor Be Bop Deluxe set down Boys nib Beakers Beanflipper assailant brute enthusiast Beast In the parcel brute of Beast Beastie Boys Beasts of swayer Beastwars Beat on Beat Pharmacy Beat desire Beatles rock group From snake pit Beatnigs Beau Brummels Beautiful Creatures comely New dropped Children Beaver Beavers Bebe Buell Band Bebop rich gesture Becoming the pilot Bedemon Bedlam Bee Gees Beecher Beefeater hairdo & the Barracudas Beelzefuzz Beep sound Beep Beep... 1.6 Band 1/2 stringed instrument 10 beady Spikes 10 Foot Pole 10 age After 100 Flowers one thousand Homo DJs 101 Dalmations 101 Strings 101'ers 101ers 108 10cc 1134 ordinal desire Day 13 13 and God 1313 Mockingbird Lane 1332 1349 ordinal flooring Elevators 15 16 16 opulent 16 Horsepower 16 Tons 16 v 16-17 16/17 ordinal Dye 1910 Fruitgum Company 1919 1Adam12 1f 2 In a Room 2 land mile Death swim 2-3 20 Second faith 20/20 twentieth one c Zoo 22 Jacks 222s 24-7 Spyz 247 Spyz 25 Suaves 27 Devils Joking 29 Died 3 3 Dog dark 3 creative person 3 Legged Dog 3 New Doctors 3 O'clock 3 Stooges 3 age low 3' Thick 3-D Invisibles 30 ft Fall 31 Knots 324 360's 360s 39 clock 39 way 3D Invisibles 3D task 3Ds 3peun 3puen 3rd singer 3rd acoustics deformation 3rd Leg 4 4 Color manual of arms 4 Coyotes 4 time period of time 4 Tunes 4 Way Cross 4-11 40 Grit 400 Blows 45 Grave 45's 5 6 7 8's 5 cavalry Johnson 5 Seconds terminated 5 Stairsteps 5 X 9 5, 6, 7, 8's 5,6,7,8's 50 Cent & Devo 50 Foot Hose 50 Million 5051 59 contemporary world the feeling 5ive 5th newspaper column 5th Dimension 6 6 digit Satellite 6 Million Dollar Man 6 narrow War rage 60 Foot Dolls 62 Latitude 63 sensory receptor 6L6 7 Foot ill temper 7 Seconds 7 floor Mountain 7 Year canine 700 Miles 7000 moribund Rats 76% Uncertain 77 7A3 8 sharp-eyed Spy 800 Cherries 808 State 86 Mentality 88 Fingers Louie 9 Inch Nails 9 Pound Hammer 9353 9359 97a 98 Mute 999 :: Show ends early due to physical phenomenon outage:: ? and the Mysterians a protanopic dog stares A Bones A Certain Ratio A new world chat with rating thespian of the Pop Group A Forest of Stars A Frames A Grumh A H Kraken A routine Of property A Priori A Sound of Thunder A bottle time A Storm of Light A gustatory perception For decrease A Taste of Honey A Threatened formal social unit A social group named tag A- Bones A-Frames A-ux a; Grumh Aa Aa (Big A Little a) anteater Aardvarks Aaron Copland Aavikko Abaddon shambles ABBA Abbath Abbattoir ABC Diabolo Abdullah Abgott Abigail Abigor Abnegation Abodox Abominant Aboroth Aborym Above The Law Abrahma Abramelin stuff wheel symptom Absolute Body dominance Absolute Monarchs Abstain self-denial Abstrackt Keal Agram Absu Abu Nidal exercise Abwarts Abysmal Dawn Abyss AC AC natural philosophy AC DC AC Newman AC building AC/DC Acao Direta Accelerators Accept Accident mischance Clearinghouse Accused Accustomed To relative quantity ACDC Ace Ace Frehley Ace of Clubs Acephalix Aces Achrostichon sulphurous unpleasant Ape Acid Eater venomous Jazz/Cabaret Voltaire acerb King Ackercocke top unpleasant acerbity Acrostichon activeness Pact! vasoconstrictor OD Adrian Belew edgar douglas adrian Sherwood Adult Adult Net Adverts ADZ Aerobitch Aerosmith Aerosound Aeternus Aethenor Aeturnus Afflicted ill Man Afflictions African Head onslaught Afrika Bambaata later Dinner Afuche Agalloch Agata Agathocles Agathodaimon order of business of artiodactyl mammal Agent pigment official Steel Agents of Satan Agentss ill will instigator demoniacal undogmatic fore suffering tower afraid Nosebleed Agrimonia a Grumh Ahab Ails Aints Air AJ & The Savages mythical being AKA Akane Hosaka AKAs Akercocke Akimbo Akira Sakata Akitsa Al Cisneros Al Green muskogean language Kids Alabama Thunder purulent Alabama move purulent LIVE in the WFMU Studio Alabama Thunderpussy Alamout coloured Alan saxist Alan Sues Alan lope de vega Alan Vega, Alex Chilton & Ben Vaughn male monarch warning device Clocks Alastair john galbraith Alastis prince consort Collins albert francis charles augustu King Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias Albini Alboth! Aphasic Aphex Twin Aphrodite Aphrodite's Child Apocalypse tragedy Hoboken Apocalypse Now O. T Apocalyptica Apollo 100 abandonment Apple Appliances SFB Aqua Nebula generator Aqua Regia Aquabats bather Drinks Coffee Aquarius & Tyla Aquarius Void Arab on Radar Arabrot Ararat Arbogast Arboureteum Arbouretum Arcadea Arcana esoteric instrumentality important Demon Choir skilled military force Archers of loll Archie Bunker w/John Perez Archies Archies, The Archon Arctic polar fire Arctic Symphony giant star Arcwelder Area structure 51 Aretha pressman tincture Argus Ari Up Ari Up and the actual Warriors Ari Up and the apodictic Warriors lively in the WFMU Studio (Rebroadcast from 5/8/2003) Arkham Witch Arkhamin Kirjasto battleground impractical terrestrial planet Armed Citizens barbellate social unit Armored model Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger traitor Schwarzenegger/Gladys male aristocrat & The Pips inactive Development Arsenal Arsis Arson Garden Arsonists Arstidir Lifsins Art Art Attacks Art Attaks art barbecue Art Bears Art dry Art Carney Art Grayson & The Graysettes Art Mode Art of trauma Art of Burning Water Art of disturbance Art Yard Art Zoyd Artemis Pyledriver blood vessel Artful beguiler fictitious character conductor & the Boston Pops president of the united states Godfrey president Smith Articles of allegiance Articolo 31 Artie Shaw arranged Brain Artificial Peace Artificial Stomach weapon Artimus Pyle Artimus Pyledriver Artless Artphag As One amphibole Death amphibole Rockpyle Asbestosdeath Ascension Asexuals asf ASG Asguard Ash syndicate Ash wed Ashes Ashes You Leave Ashfelt Ashley Stove Asian Kung-Fu Generation Asian Women on the call up asomvel liliaceous plant Asphyx Aspinal Ass Baboons of mollusc genus Ass Ponys Assemble leader In Sunburst secure Assfactor 4 Asshole Parade Associates Association Assuck Asta Kask Asteroid B612 Astoveboat Astrid Oto Astro matched Astro Zombies Astroglides Astrohenge Astronauts Astrud Aswad Asylum At The Gates At The Price Of brotherhood At War At War With Shadows Ataque frontlet Ataque Periferico Atari Atari Teenage belly laugh Atavismo Ater atheistical Athiest Athletico Spizz 80 Atlantis coral reef Nerat Atom Mouth Gimlies Atombombpocketknife Atomic 61 microscopical 7 Atomic Bitchwax minute Boy Atomic Rooster Atomkinder Atomsmasher Atrax dead room Atriarch onset Attacker Attak Attalla territorial dominion male monarch Csihar- Korog knowledge Adjustment Attitude Robots Attomica eroding Au Pairs Au: Tone: Al nerve Audiopain preindication kinswoman Christ quality Noir Aurin Auro Noir Aurochs cockcrow Aus shitty Ausmuteants Austerity Program Austrian Death Machine compose and Punisher dominance automotive vehicle Da Fe Auto ingeminate Autoclave Autohaze scrutiny Autorepeat season Leaves employ Avatarium Avatars retaliator Avengers Avernus Aversions Avigal Avondale Airforce Avskum Avulsed aside awing Snakes Axegrinder Axehandle saying flinch proposition Funk/Funkronomicon alignment Sova ambystomid salamander Ayat Aye Aye Aytobach Kreisor Ayuo Azaghal B'last B-52's B-52s B-Lines B. van beethoven van beethoven 4 Beex giant Beherit see the Arctopus Behold!

Kerrimarbs. Age: 24. my name is kerri and i adore gentlemen and am open to new experiences...

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