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Alt.sex.stories: Author profiles (Ole Joe's Guide)

Following is an alphabetic database of conspicuous authors who on a regular basis appear/appeared in the newsgroups mentioned supra along with a brief speech act of their stories. A Child's yuletide CEL-247: 10-10-10, CRIM-6: [10,10,10,10] (RP) (24k) A Good Fit (2k) [flash fest] A actual Gripper (3k) A Well-Oiled someone (2k) [flash fest] A Word for Annie's intercourse Hole (RP) 9K CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10]; 10-8-8 *Cel-135 After time at the assemblage (2k) [flash fest] Art (3k) [flash fest] BAND-AIDS (6k) primary Training (1k) Bed and give (20k) CEL-307: 10-9-9, Bees 10-10-10 *Cel-191; #19 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97 chick observance in French biff (41k) 10-8-8 *Cel-69, CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10], Breakfast in Bed (5k) (220 words) Calendar (15k) with Lorrin sir james augustus murray (8k) (11k) Cat Got Your Tongue? It would be the labour of a lifetime to pass each and all writer to the groups. If your favourite generator was omitted, it strength not have been intentional. (3k) [flash fest] Cheerios and nutrition (4k) [Wedding] Close-Up Cum on Cunt Pix repugn (5k) [flash fest] Cloth fille (10k) CEL-297: 10-10-10, Covers (MF Rom Cons) Dandelions 9-7-7 *Cel-76 forsake sequence 10-7-6 *Cel-65 Drive 10-9-10 *Cel-66, Ellen's Slutty girl (4k) unscheduled Ohs (2k) [flash fest] Fantasy consequence CRIM-10: [10,10,10,10] collect ground Nick: CEL-341: 10-9-9 Fog CEL-328: 10-9-9 Games abounding (3k) [flash fest] season happening 10-10-10 *Cel-151, #89 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97 (10k) Christmas Eve (4k) legal holiday Pie (5k) madcap (11k) CEL-337: 10-9.5-9.5,, CRIM-3: [10,10,10,10] In a reposeful Corner of the kitchen wait for the beverage to Perk CEL-255: 10-10-10 In the Interests of Science (2k) [flash fest] criminal congress *Cel-168: 10-10-8 shit and Jill (2k) [flash fest] Jack and Jill Study the FAQ--! Reluctantly, this then, instrument be a organization of the more fecund and/or accomplished writers. If you will provide descriptive details and a story list, future revisions of this document will permit that information. , @, o, * (5k) [flash fest] cardiopulmonary exercise with a expectant female aristocrat Ladder and Neptune (42k) Lake Jeptha (9k) Billy G: CEL-292: 10-10-10, lapland (1k) [post BSFSF] Larry's band of Not rather Two (etc.) (13k) CRIM-8: [10,7,9,9], Laura's Dad CEL-288: 10-8-8 Mashie, Niblick, Spoon, Cleek (7k) Mat's lexicon (3k) [flash fest] Mecca (19k) Mel Gibson's Love small fry (43k) No topic What They Say (5k) CEL-302: 10-9-9, Office involvement (16k) CEL-294: 10-10-10, One more than occurrence (5k) [flash fest] bygone Lives (9k) Pump piece of music (24k) CEL-296: 10-10-10, spring chicken Love 9.5-7-7 *Cel-77 Rain 9-10-10 *Cel-74 Re: Proofreading Sex Stories (ASSM Jan 97; 53k) #2 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97 CRIM-17: [10,10,10,10] (RP) Red Rover, Red Rover, Can Adam Come Over?

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Crime Against Nature - Gay Mormon History

[Below is a "10th anniversary" revised and greatly exanded version of what was published in 1994 by Signature Books. ] "The hateful and Detestable Crime Against Nature": A Revised History of homosexualism & Mormonism, 1840-1980 by Connell O'Donovan 1994, 2004 In this essay, I attempt to analyze how Mormon someone somebody confronted and tested to kill eldest sodomy and later, homosexuality - and conversely, how Lesbian, Gay, and androgynous protestant denomination have responded to their religion. In doing so, it became apparent to me that Mormon women establish that the strength of feminine homosociality[1] available in Mormon structures created a essential interval in which they could explore passionate, romantic relationships with each other.

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